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Grateful Dead Live at Cal Expo on 1991-08-14

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Cal Expo on 1991-08-14

Topics Live concert

Touch Of Gray, Little Red Rooster, Loser, Black Throated Wind, Row Jimmy, Cassidy, Don't Ease Me In Cold Rain & Snow, Box Of Rain, Looks Like Rain, Crazy Fingers-> Estimated Prophet-> Supplication Jam-> Uncle John's Band-> Drums-> Jam-> The Other One-> Walkin' Blues-> Around & Around, E: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Cal Expo
Location Sacramento, CA



SBD>DAT>??>DAT>CDR; via Paul; Seeded to etree by eD(efojr)


Reviewer: erik65 - favorite - August 15, 2011
Subject: not a sbd
audience is loud and steps all over the recording.
Reviewer: skb archives - favoritefavorite - June 23, 2005
Subject: NOT A SBD
This is an audience recording. I don't know why anyone would call it a
Reviewer: flyerfanatic - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 13, 2005
Subject: This is an AUD
I just compared this to my SBD>D>C>D and it is very muffled. I will work on and release my copy soon.
Reviewer: dmilks - favoritefavorite - May 24, 2005
Subject: SBD?
Sure sounds like an audience to me.
Reviewer: touch heads rule - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 1, 2005
Subject: .
Reviewer: Tito&Smokey - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 17, 2005
Subject: great pre-drums
Pre-drums was was raining in Sac(usually very dry)and the Dead acknowledged the rain by opening the second set with Cold,rain,snow>box of Rain>LL Rain>(your rain falls like)Crazy fingers.When you got a ticket to Cal-Expo the water slide on the property was included in the admission.Big Fun.They stopped doing it after this year because,as a call Expo employee told me,"LSD and water slides can get dangerous"
Reviewer: tennted - favorite - May 22, 2004
Subject: Audience
Not all of us can hear the diff., unfortunately. Not even matrix here boys. Anyone want my coaster copies?
Reviewer: El_Duderino - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 21, 2004
Subject: BT Wind
I got really eneamored with the BT Wind from this show back in '91 when I got my first copy of it. the whole show is pretty solid throughout.

I would agree that this is probably a matrix and not a pure board though. There is also some major static in the Knockin.
Reviewer: simon wagstaff - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2004
Subject: simon Wagstaff
Not a soundboard, maybe a matrix? Not too crisp and not as good as my dat>cass>dat soundboard. The first set was not available from that source thoug. Somewhat of a disappointment.
Reviewer: timblor - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2004
Subject: Great show, but needs a fix...
This was a great show. I think I had a melt-down during the Estimated and thought the band and audience had turned into a giant green catapillar.

The few few seconds of Cold Rain and Snow seem to be cut. Also, the pre-Cold Rain had Bruce playing a few bars of "Rain drops keep fallin on my head" as a nod to the rain (very rare in CA). Could someone please splice in the lost music?
Reviewer: AltheasBoy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2004
Subject: Wind and Rain in the Middle of August in Sacto
Us tapers were pretty unprepared for rain considering the time of year. Some of us managed to scrap-up garbage bags to cover our mic's. My tape (from the tapers section) turned out like crap, due to constant wind gusts. I've since heard an FOB which also was plagued by wind gusts, so this soundboard is much appreciated! Great setlist and, from what I recall, inspired performance.
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